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HR Documents Don’t Matter… Until They Do

Human Resources manages a great deal of important information associated with employees. The value of this information, however, often comes to light at the wrong times: following a termination or even worse, some form of agency complaint or litigation.

Further, ensuring all documents are completed timely and accurately can be a challenging task.  It gets even more difficult if your employees are dispersed geographically, or if your organization experiences a high level of turnover. 

What if you could control those critical documents in one secure, intuitively-structured, central repository? Download the recording of our webinar to learn about a practical approach to reducing and managing your paper files.

In the webinar recording you will learn:

  • How to gain full insight into your critical records
  • How to identify a missing record, before it is too late
  • The importance of getting rid of things
  • A practical way to go paperless

About the Speaker:
Mike-WilliamsMike Williams, Chief People Officer at Access, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in HR Functions specializing in strategic planning, talent management, policy development, benefit administration, compensation, employee engagement and HRIS.