Healthcare Records Management Solutions


Whether your medical office is a small, private practice or a large hospital or laboratory, Access is dedicated to providing the very best services that are customized to fit your unique needs.


Forward-thinking organizations, clinics, practices and departments within the healthcare industry must adhere to federal and state regulations regarding records retention.

These regulations, which define the scheduling requirements for accessing, retaining and disposing of PHI and other business records, come with benefits that include:

  • Reduced program costs.
  • Limited exposure to needless lawsuits.
  • Diminished risks associated with data breaches.
  • Eliminated cost and space requirements for on-site storage.

At Access, we will help you create a comprehensive Health Information Management (HIM) program that abides by a strict records retention schedule in order to consolidate your patient records and medical information. Such a program will ensure that only those physical and digital assets medical records within the schedule’s requirements are stored, while those that have surpassed them are securely shredded.

In addition, our specialized medical records and film storage solutions will help you maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the complex rules regarding the Release of Information (ROI), as well as with your Information Governance (IG) policy.

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In addition to reliably storing your medical records and business-related information, we will securely scan, index and convert any data pertaining to your medical practice, clinic, hospital or laboratory. Our suite of physical and digital asset records and information management solutions offers:

  • Backfile-scanning services to efficiently convert existing paper, microfilm, microfiche or electronic media files.
  • Day-forward scanning services to seamlessly integrate new electronically-based documents with older, physical records.

We will digitally store your records within our data center, where they will be available through our FileLineACCESS inventory management system. With instant access from any internet-connected computer or device, this software lets you organize and manage your inventory, generate reports and request pickups or deliveries around the clock. We offer these powerful technologies and analytics secure web-based repository to ensure your retention, reporting and recovery needs are always fulfilled.


As a full-service records management provider, we also offer three prompt delivery methods for physical files that you would like digitally retrieved:

  • We will scan the necessary records and make them accessible through FileBRIDGE.com, for at-will retrievals.
  • We will upload it to the DHS site and send you a link to receive it through their encrypted interface.
  • We will scan and import documents directly into your EMR system(s).

At Access, we’re not just a document storage provider; we have the global expertise and earned experience to fully understand the healthcare industry and your needs, unlike traditional offsite records storage vendors that cannot – or will not – make the same commitment to you.


To synthesize your physical and digital assets ease your digital conversions, and reduce the staffing and storage resources needed for compliance, we have the equipment to scan and convert your analog films into a digital format that can be transmitted to your PAC (picture archiving and communication) system.

We can provide digital renditions of the following types of radiological documents:

  • X-ray/Radiography
  • Ultrasounds
  • Mammograms
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

We can also digitize other forms of radiological films, contact us today for more information.


While many organizations are turning to cloud backup systems, tape remains an effective and economical choice for forward-thinking medical facilities, hospitals and laboratories needing to back up their IT infrastructure.

We can help with all of your offsite tape vaulting needs for the following backup media types:

  • LTO
  • DLT-S
  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
  • AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape)
  • QIC (Quarter Inch Cartridge Tape)


To image and insert trailing documents, most hospitals and medical centers have had to employ at least two or three people dedicated to the task.

Refocus those resources on your growth and quality offerings, and let Access reliably drop file your loose papers and interfile documents to ensure all lab results and other trailing documents are accurately filed with relevant records. To assist with your digital management needs, we also have the ability to annotate trailing documents. No matter your physical and digital asset records management needs, or how you want to manage your information, Access can be an asset to your facility.


While federal and state regulations mandate specific retention schedules for PHI and your business and admissions related data, each document or file that surpasses those requirements must be disposed of securely and in compliance with other regulations, such as HIPAA.

In addition, technological advances and finite device lifecycles mean that medical equipment and computer hard drives must eventually be decommissioned as well. Proper destruction and disposal of these assets mitigates risk and optimizes resources, including budgetary expenses and valuable space.

With Access, you can confidently destroy and recycle your computer equipment, office equipment and medical/business records knowing that we will ensure your compliance and reduce your security concerns.


Our global expertise and in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry allow us to uniquely understand your needs as a forward-thinking medical facility, laboratory or hospital. We will work with you to design, build and implement a personalized and strategic records management solution that meets your needs. And, when creating your Health Information Management (HIM) programs, we will take into consideration your supply chain, reimbursement obligations and legal requirements, as well as the most efficient ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital retention goals.


At Access, we are more than a storage provider; we are part of your management team. Our goal is to make sure your HIM program remains relevant to, and grows with, your business needs.

That’s why, whenever applicable, we will share “best practices” instituted by other healthcare organizations to ensure you are informed of any significant advancements in productivity and records management practices.

We will also schedule quarterly reviews of your program that are designed to uncover areas within your business processes that can be enhanced, as well as to ensure that your program is in compliance. These reviews entail:

  • Monitoring activity trends.
  • Validating retention schedules by reviewing any new items.
  • Monitoring storage volume growth by department.
  • Ensuring secure destruction schedules are current.
  • Utilizing STAT services.