Records Management Solutions for State
and Federal Agencies


At Access, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled solutions that allow our clients to enjoy the very best service. Whether your agency is small or large, we will customize our solutions to help you reduce costs, improve efficiencies, maintain compliance and meet official deadlines.

Compliant Document Scanning
and Management Services

Maintaining compliance with federal regulations and directives is key to any comprehensive governmental records management program.

For example, both the Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records, which requires agencies to transition to digital record keeping as much as possible, and the Open Data Policy, which mandates that they make resources accessible and usable by the public, guide agencies towards the digitization of their permanent, hard copy records.

By synthesizing their physical, analog and digital records, forward-thinking agencies not only meet the above requirements but enable faster access, mitigate risks and reduce costs. Document imaging turns your overwhelming records archive into easily stored and indexed digital data.

Our classification solutions accurately file all related records together to ensure thorough files that can be quickly isolated and viewed from any device connected to the internet.

In addition, our document scanning and conversion solutions can be customized based on your current levels of records accumulation:

  • Back file conversions can digitize large volumes of existing records.
  • Day-forward conversions can ensure completely digitized records going forward.
  • Imaging on demand conversions can be used for the delivery of individual documents as needed.

As an added benefit, we have redundant data centers and powerful technologies and analytics to guarantee your records are safe from disaster and available via secure internet connections. We also offer tailored permission levels to control who can access what information.

Contact us today to confidently convert your government records with Access.

Reduce Your Physical Footprint

To adhere to the Reduce the Footprint Policy, government agencies need to dispose of surplus properties and reduce the total square footage of their office and warehouse space. 

This can be partially achieved through the conversion of physical records into a digital format, whereas the redundant and unnecessary copies can be securely destroyed and recycled. However, there are many federal and state government records that must be preserved until they are authorized for permanent disposal or transfer to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Unfortunately, those documents requiring long-term retention, which are not ready to be archived with NARA, can still require a large amount of storage space.

If you find that you cannot adequately reduce your footprint and store all of your necessary records, offsite storage with a trusted records management provider may be your best solution. With earned experience specific to the government industry and proven global expertise, Access can help. We provide state-of-the-art storage facilities with:

  • Perimeter, entry and interior surveillance systems.
  • Biometric access requirements.
  • Barcode-based inventory tracking.
  • Fire-safe vaults with temperature and humidity regulating systems.

In addition, access to physical records remains uninterrupted as they can be either promptly delivered or securely scanned and retrieved digitally. Once a digital copy is requested, we will make the record accessible through our encrypted interface, where you can retrieve it on-demand, or import the document directly into your in-house system.

RIM Program Consulting Services

Studies have shown that many government agencies lack the time or expertise to design and implement a compliant and effective records management and disposal policy.

As a matter of fact, NARA’s most recent Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) report found that:

  • The records management staff at many agencies need additional development.
  • RIM considerations aren’t being consistently incorporated.
  • Half of all government records officers only perform related responsibilities on a part-time basis.

Access can help. Our earned experience with records classification, compliant retention policies and stringent destruction schedules will help you run your department or agency efficiently, from both compliance and financial perspectives. We will work closely with you to design and implement a records managementsolution that is flexible, scalable and customized to meet your needs and comply with your Information Governance (IG) policies.

To ensure your RIM program stays up-to-date, we will also set up quarterly reviews to discuss departmental needs, as well as to discover additional efficiencies. These reviews involve the:

  • Assessment of storage volume growth.
  • Validation of existing retention schedules, and the inclusion of any new items.
  • Confirmation that current destruction schedules are being met.

Record and Document Destruction Services


As hard copy records exceed their retention requirements, they unnecessarily increase your storage capacity and costs. 

However, the improper destruction of sensitive records and personally identifiable information can lead to security breaches, a loss of reputation and other potential penalties.

At Access, we work closely with state and federal government agencies to create document destruction programs that can:

  • Mitigate risks.
  • Reduce storage requirements.
  • Save money.
  • Ensure compliance with presidential directives and confidentiality regulations.

We will provide your agency with secured containers that can be picked up according to your scheduling preferences, whether weekly, biweekly or monthly, and will then safely destroy and recycle the records inside. At the end of each month, or each time on-demand destruction services are completed, we will provide a Certificate of Destruction and all other paperwork needed to ensure your records are maintained accurately and you meet all of your compliance requirements.