The Key to Records Management Success

At Access, we will help you create a centralized document management program that ensures your compliance with internal information governance policies, as well as any governmental regulations pertaining to your industry, including:

Personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and sensitive financial records are being created at ever-increasing rates due to the rise of sales, medical visits and business transactions. To combat the additional challenges presented by the digital era’s access to these records, state and federal regulations related to record retention and destruction programs are constantly growing and changing.

The inability to monitor regulatory changes and maintain compliance with all applicable laws can result in:

  • Risks of theft, fraud and abuse.
  • Potentially significant fines, penalties and legal liabilities.
  • Increased rates of customer attrition.
  • Substantial losses to your reputation, trust and customer loyalty.

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Access Certifications

When we say we can protect your information in compliance with applicable regulations, we mean it. And we have the certifications and affiliations to back up that statement: