Records Management Solutions for the Legal Industry


At Access, we are dedicated to providing forward-thinking organizations with the very best service. Whether your law firm is small or large, we can synthesize and protect all your physical and digital information assets by customizing our solutions to fit your needs.


With our global reach and full-service suite of records management solutions, we’ve had extensive experience transferring files from existing vendors.

Members of the legal industry, as well as companies and businesses throughout many other industries, have chosen to consolidate their document storage, scanning and destruction needs with Access in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency while enjoying the very best service.

Our knowledgeable team of RIM professionals has established a detailed project plan that allows us to provide the safest, most confidential transfer of files without disrupting your flow of business. 

We manage the entire process, from start to finish, by collaborating with your existing vendor to ensure the smoothest of transitions. And we guarantee that all existing metadata, from the box level up, will be captured and moved over without any need to start the storage, scanning or indexing processes over.

In most cases, we will also provide a completely free move from the existing vendor, along with financial assistance for any withdrawal fees. Join the thousands of other companies and law firms across the nation who have chosen to consolidate their RIM services with Access and contact us today for your free consultation.

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Accuracy is key to any legal records retrieval process. With the discovery process being tedious and extremely time-sensitive, your firm needs an effective records retrieval system in order to focus efforts on your client and case, as well as to lower risks of court fines and malpractice suits.

Our three confidential and prompt digital delivery methods are also designed to meet your unique needs, including the tracking of user interactions and tailoring of access:

 Our three confidential and prompt digital delivery methods are also designed to meet your unique needs, including the tracking of user interactions and tailoring of access:
  • We will make the necessary records accessible through our FileLineACCESS system,where you can retrieve them at will.
  •  We will scan and import the documents directly into your document management system.
  • We will, at your discretion, scan and email any necessary files directly to you or any specified members of your firm.

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to find out about our document imaging and conversion solutions, such as:

The bulk conversions of existing records (back file conversions).

The conversion of any new files (day-forward conversions).

The conversion of individual documents as needed (imaging on demand).

At Access, we have the experience to strategically assess your needs and work with you to create a document scanning and digitization program specific to your law firm.


Reduce the costs and stress associated with storing, managing and accessing your legal documents by converting your physical files into digital formats that can be accessed easily with our FileLineACCESS records management system, and returned efficiently through our retrieval services.


With Access, you can safely digitize and store your files within our secure digital platform in preparation for potential electronic discovery (eDiscovery) requests. Or, we can digitize them based on your required formats and deliver them directly to you for storage within your own document management system. We will work with you to identify all relevant files, index them as necessary, and systematically purge any duplicates found, ensuring that your storage and space requirements are minimized to the highest extent.


The real estate costs associated with office rentals, and any necessary renovations within them, are the second largest expense for law firms.

Reduce your operational costs, and repurpose your space to meet your growth needs without moving, with the offsite record and document storage options available from Access. Our state-of-the-art facilities are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer such innovative features as:

Our state-of-the-art facilities are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer such innovative features as:

  • Uninterrupted internal and external video surveillance and biometric access requirements.
  • Barcode-based inventory procedures to reduce the time needed for retrievals.
  • Free access to our web-based inventory management software, FileLineACCESS, that allows you to manage your items whenever needed.
  • Climate regulating data vaults to reduce chances of record degradation.
  • Industry-exceeding fire-ratings to greatly diminish the possibility of fires.

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Our ongoing shred programs can establish weekly, biweekly or monthly pickups to ensure manageable levels of only relevant documents in your firm. As part of the program, we will provide you with secured containers that will be picked up, emptied and securely destroyed according to your scheduled rotation. To help you maintain accurate business records, we will also issue a Certificate of Destruction at the end of each month.

When you choose Access, you get a RIM vendor that has NAID AAA certifications for mobile or plant-based destructions. Whether your extraneous records are paper or non-paper based, we can defensibly destroy them while maintaining compliance with any applicable state, local or federal laws.

We will also work with you to establish a customized document retention system. Based on compliance requirements and your office needs, we can assist you in creating a strict schedule that can tag files for destruction on a specific date. With our powerful technologies and analytics, you can then run reports that will easily allow you to confirm document destruction dates as they approach. Once each destruction process is complete, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction to your office.



At Access, we take the time to truly understand your industry and its unique requirements.

We recognize that your law firm is about more than clients and cases; you’re a fully functioning business with human resources, accounts payable/receivable and IT departments that need to be considered. We will collaborate with you to develop an efficient RIM program that brings harmony to every department, while ensuring access to records is only given on an as-needed basis.

Our expertise in records classification, retention policies and destruction schedules will help you run your office efficiently while ensuring your preparation for litigation and investigatory responses. In addition, with Information Governance (IG) as an increasingly high priority throughout the legal industry, we can help you implement processes to ensure you remain compliant with your policy.