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As organizations look to strengthen controls, drive out costs and increase efficiencies, eliminating manual and time-consuming processes are an ideal place to start. Accounts Payable is traditionally a paper-based department due to the large amount of paperwork associated with AP tasks, such as processing supplier invoices, cutting employee or supplier checks, preparing for an audit and much more. Automating these processes can reduce the time spent on them by as much as 50%, allowing AP to take a more proactive role within the business.

Automate your Accounts Payable Processes

FileBRIDGE for AP moves you to a truly paperless environment for invoice processing. It incorporates industry-tested workflows, processes and methodologies that optimize both the controls and efficiencies of the AP process. It is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service solution, freeing companies from the potential risks, hidden costs, high failure rates and extended implementation timeframes of in-house systems.

Key FileBRIDGE for AP Features:

Approve Invoices Without Looking
FileBRIDGE for AP supports a variety of approval methods that match your environment; from Smart-Routing to Straight Through Processing (STP). STP enables you to process as many invoices as possible without AP processor involvement. The automatic three-way matching process matches invoice details to line item PO and Receipt data details. When exact matches, or matches within predefined tolerances, are met, FileBRIDGE for AP auto matches the invoice, then completes the transaction using STP and passes the data directly to the ERP system.
Strengthen Controls
The improved visibility and instant access to invoices eliminates the chance of misplacing or losing paper, duplicating or overpaying invoices, or making late payments. Notifications remind approvers that an invoice needs to be processed, ensuring they are sent to Accounts Payable sooner. Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance are also enhanced because all review information is saved with the invoice. This improves the audit review process as well because AP departments can quickly provide access to invoices based on internal and external audit requests.
Boost Staff Productivity
Increase effectiveness through reduced AP invoice preparation, staff and manager approval, and back-office processing times. Through robust reporting, view analytical reports that can easily track invoice processing and user metrics to identify bottlenecks.
ZeroTouch™ Invoice Processing
You don’t have to worry about scanning and indexing because FileBRIDGE for AP includes the Invoice Virtualization Center, which works as a conversion center for the scanning and data capture of invoices sent as paper, email, fax or FTP. This ensures that you never have to touch a paper invoice again.
Speed Invoice Processing
Vendors can view their invoice information through the Vendor Portal, freeing up additional AP processor time. The built-in best practices then speed invoice processing, allowing you to take advantage of more early-pay discounts.
Streamlined Exception Handling
FileBRIDGE for AP streamlines the AP processor’s role by providing the workflow tools and matching information necessary to resolve the exceptions in a timely manner.
Increase Efficiencies
AP staff productivity is dramatically increased so AP departments can handle growing invoice volumes without adding people or reassigning resources. The STP module processes as many invoices as possible without AP processor involvement, freeing up processors to work on invoices where there are matching exceptions or to handle more value-added activities.

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Services, The Big Differentiator
As with traditional software vendors, we provide regular software updates, world-class support and concierge account management. But that’s where things change.


Software isn’t enough anymore, especially in the Accounts Payable world where the invoices come in more flavors than ice cream. Companies need a vendor who will be their partner and expert, their Information and Document Specialists.


Services provided include:


  • Document conversion for ongoing invoices.
  • Secure destruction of imaged invoices after imaging.
  • Chain of custody to ensure peace of mind.

Additional Benefits to Using FileBRIDGE for AP

Speed Approvals & Reduce Errors
Route invoices electronically for faster approval and accelerated turnaround time while preventing mistakes that lead to unproductive rework, time-consuming supplier inquires and duplicate or late payments.
Security, Security, Security
FileBRIDGE for AP comes complete with robust password rules to ensure complexity, single-sign on, two-factor authentication for users and for sharing documents, IP restricted access, and at-rest encryption for your sensitive information. Access’ data centers are also SSAE-16 certified.
Easy Audits
All document and workflow actions are recorded, facilitating an efficient and accurate audit process. Compliance management is also less time consuming with automated processes. FileBRIDGE for AP allows for secure document and information sharing, like two-factor authentication and secure data rooms, so you maintain control over your information.
Vendor Support
Enhance interaction with suppliers and vendors by allowing them to access information about their invoices instantly on the Web.